Hennaplus Men’s Own Medium Brown 80ml

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This fantastic natural hair color works in just five minutes, and using it is as simple as washing your hair. Its unique ammonia free formula with Colour Match technology and Slow Fade offers a natural high quality result, superior care and shine in one single treatment. Enriched with some of the finest botanical herbs and extracts to protect and improve the quality of the hair, an impressively durable color results. It is an ultra-mild and gentle formula, with one application lasting 6 weeks. It is also suitable for coloring beards, mustaches and sideburns. A specially designed applicator brush is included for this purpose.

صبغة رائعة توفرها  Henna Plus

تركيبته فريدة من صبغة الشعرالخالية من الامونيا والبارابين والمطابقة لجميع الأذواق . وهي غنية بخلاصة الأعشاب التي توفرالحماية والعناية للشعرتدوم لستة أسابيع .

مناسبة لجميع انواع الشعركما يمكن استخدامها لصبغ اللحية والشوارب.

وتعمل على تغطية الشعرالابيض (الشيب) وتدوم من 6-8 اسابيع.

Each package contains Colour Cream (40ml), Colour Activator (40ml) brush, mixing tray, gloves, instructions.

Men’s own is formulated without addition of PPD (p-phenylendiamine), O & P animophenol, tetrahydro-6-nitroquinoxaline, chlororesorcinol, fragrance allergens, phthalates, musk compounds or animal ingredients.

Men’s Own Colour Cream (Example – Medium Brown): Aqua, cetearyl alcohol, cocamide MEA, ethanolamine, toluene-2,5 diamine sulfate, silicon quaternium-14, betaine, carbomer, sodium sulfite, parfum, resorcinol,dipropylene glycol, PEG-40 castol oil, sodium cetearyl sulfate, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, mica, titanium dioxide, hydrolyzed wheat protein, m-aminophenol, bisabolol, glycerin, sodium chloride, trisodium HEDTA, stearic acid, boswellia, serrata gum, 2-methylresorcinol, TEA stearates, cassia angustifolia, equisetum arvense, hamamelis virginiana, malva sylvestris, triticum vulgare, tussilago farfara, viscum album.

Activator: Aqua, hydrogen peroxide, ceteth-2, ceteareth-6, steareth-20, laurylpyrrolidone, tetrasodium etidronate, salicylic acid, methylparaben, EDTA, phosphoric acid.

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